Capture The Beauty Of Morocco: Join Our Morocco Photgraphy Trip Event In Stunning Locations

Discover the Magic of Morocco through Photos Trip with Our Company!

Discover the Magic of Morocco: Join our Morocco Photos Trip.

EVENTS ON, led by its dedicated manager, played a pivotal role in organizing the renowned UPI United Photographers International. From 2015, it became the GPU (Global Photographic Union). PHOTOS FESTIVAL MOROCCO 2015,” showcasing the skills of 100 top professional photographers worldwide. This 9-day extravaganza, spanning iconic locations like Marrakech, Ouarzazate (Ait Benhaddou Kasbah), Dades, Tinghir, Arfoud, and Merzouga, aimed to present the authentic and diverse cultural heritage of Morocco, steering clear of stereotypical portrayals.

The Arfoud region, Rissani, and the enchanting sunrise over the golden dunes of Merzouga stood out as captivating highlights for participants. The local cultural association “torch for culture and theater” added a unique touch, organizing cultural activities that featured simulated weddings, leaving a lasting positive impact.

The successful management of this grand-scale festival in the summer of 2015 in Southern Morocco (the heat season) showcased a meticulously planned agenda, strict adherence to the program, and a flawless execution without any notable incidents or food poisoning concerns. Recognized by both participants and the UPI (GPU) committee, this edition emerged as one of the best, celebrating Morocco’s true essence captured through the lenses of the world’s finest photographers.

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map-circuit-UPI photo festival Morocco 2015

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